Messy play is a fun, exploratory way to provide your child with engaging sensory experiences.

Messy play specifically engages the child’s sense of touch. It provides the child with the creative experience of the process. It is pure exploration for the child as they are able to create a fun, engaging substance. Providing the child with sensory experiences through messy play helps open up the child to have less of an aversion to foreign textures. It is a precursor to exploration with varying food textures.

Overall, the child will benefit from messy play through sensory experiences, attention to a task, socialization with peers, self-expression and creativity, problem-solving skills, and the development of fine motor skills.

Below are some easy to make at home recipes for messy play activities.

  • Slime: pour as much glue as you want into bowl, dilute with 50% water, mix in food coloring, pour spoonful of borax into separate cup of water, mix borax/water solution into bowl of glue/food coloring
    • Ingredients: borax, glue, food coloring, water, spoon, bowl
  • Homemade silly putty: pour corn starch into bowl, mix in liquid dish soap
    • Ingredients: corn starch, liquid dish soap, bowl
  • Oobleck: pour corn starch into bowl, mix in water
    • Ingredients: corn starch, water, bowl


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