Are you unsure about what fine motor milestones your child should be hitting? Below is a handy guide that you can use, while keeping in mind that each child is different and progresses at different speeds.

4-6 months

  • voluntarily reaching for toys
  • rakes fingers to obtain small objects
  • uses a palmar grasp for holding toys
  • beginning to transfer objects hand to hand
  • banging toys in play

7-9 months

  • lateral pincer grasp to obtain small objects (between thumb and side of index)
  • radial digital grasp to hold blocks (object is held with the fingers with visible space in palm)
  • starting to feed self with fingers
  • takes objects out of containers and off ring stand
  • banging objects together in play

10-12 months

  • scribbles with a crayon
  • 3 jaw chuck grasp (object held with thumb and 2 fingers)
  • fine pincer grasp to obtain small objects (tip of thumb to tip of index) 
  • pointing with isolated index finger
  • pokes and pries with fingers to manipulate toys
  • rotates and stacks objects
  • using spoon to feed self and holding bottle with one hand
  • puts objects into and takes out of containers
  • puts rings on and off of ring stand

15 months

  • stacks 2-3 blocks
  • turns pages of a book one at a time
  • puts pellets into bottle
  • identifying body parts

18 months

  • stacking 3-4 blocks
  • fills and dumps containers
  • takes rings on and off stand
  • removes shoes and socks

24 months

  • stacking 7 blocks
  • imitates circular and vertical scribble
  • matching colors and shapes

30 months

  • imitates horizontal line
  • stacking more than 7 blocks
  • digital pronate on crayons (fingers are pointing downwards towards paper)
  • starting to snip with scissors

3 years old

  • Copies circle and imitates cross
  • stringing beads
  • stacking 10 blocks
  • cut on a straight line
  • use glue with supervision
  • unbuttons large buttons

4 years old

  • developing tripod grasp
  • cutting circle and square
  • Copies square and triangle
  • draws a person (not accurately)
  • starting to write name

5 years old

  • drawing a person more accurately
  • Writes name and a few letters
  • Copies triangle and imitate diamond
  • established dynamic tripod grasp


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Kasey Carpenter, M.S. OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Jones Therapy Services




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