Here are a few books that our Feeding Therapists love and are parent-friendly! Each book is written by Speech- Language Pathologist’s and even a Pediatrician who are each very respected in the Feeding community:

1. Adventures in Veggie Land:

This book is perfect for those who are wary of eating vegetables because it exposes your child to a new way of looking at vegetables, the textures, colors, and flavors! It talks particularly about the “Three E’s”:

  • Expose

  • Explore

  • Expand


Plenty of delicious recipes and advice on how to parent in the kitchen! This book will get you and your kids not only working but playing together in the kitchen, and even your pickiest eater will thrive!

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2. Raising a Happy Healthy Eater:

This book is perfect for expanding your family’s food horizons and putting the joy back into mealtime with your family!

  • A wide range of advice for parents for their children.

  • Real-life stories

  • Insights on not only mealtime difficulties but also touches on the sensory system.

  • Seven “passport stamps” for good parenting: Joyful, Compassionate, Brave, Patient, Consistent, Proactive and Mindful.

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3. Nobody Ever Told Me (or my Mother) That!

This book is one that talks about a lot of things that typical child development books sometimes do not, and it is written by an SLP with over 30 years experience!

From Nursing to SIDS to being filled with secrets on proper speech development - this book covers it all!

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