Sometimes as parents we think that our kids need extravagant playrooms and bedrooms perfectly decorated but the truth is there are just a few simple things that will help your child’s imagination grow. Here are some fun and functional things to have at your child’s fingertips:

  1. Find ways to maximize storage - You and your kids won’t want to go in there if it is always a mess.  

  2. Keep purging items as you buy new ones.

  3. Display books so that they can easily be accessed.  

  4. If you have room, get a toddler or kid-sized table so that your children can draw and work in there.  

  5. If you have space, create a chalkboard wall so that your kids can be creative anytime they wish.  And it will hopefully keep them from drawing on other walls that you don’t want them to.  

  6. To make use of space, find an interactive rug, like one with roads or cityscape.  That way your kids can play on it and it won’t take up extra space.  

  7. For toddlers and younger children give them space for creative and imaginative play.  Think small pretend kitchen and dollhouses.  

  8. Come up with a creative way to showcase your children’s artwork.  This can be a string with clothespins or frames where their latest creations can easily be changed out.  Your kids will love to see their artwork on display in your home.  

  9. Print off pictures of the different toys/items in the playroom and put on the bins. This will help your child recognize what items they have to play with, build their vocabulary, along with helping them be able to clean up after they are done playing with the items.

  10. Create a cozy area/crash pad space for children to chill out and relax. 

So you see, even if you only incorporate a few of these ideas your child will be learning and having fun in the comfort of their own home. 

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