Story time may seem like a breeze - but as an SLP, I can give you some ways to make sure that your child (and you!) are getting the most out of this time!

1) Be an active reader! Make any story come to life by using different voices, adding sound effects, and finding your inner actor. After a performance like this, your child will see the excitement in reading. 

2) Don't feel you have to read every single word! Gear the amount you read to your child's individual attention span. Skip pages when they are younger and then add them back in as they get older - that way the story grows with your child.

3) Engage and help with independent thinking by asking such questions as: "What do you think will happen next?", "What would you do in that situation?" and "What would you do differently?"

For the reluctant book listener:

1) Read interactive books such as lift-the-flaps or ones with sound buttons. 

2) Get props and let your child recreate the story as you read for something next-level interactive and fun.

3) Give your child a bag of objects that match pictures in the book and let them match them - that way, it's more like a game than reading!

4) Read books with repetitive phrases or rhyming so your child can say the repetitive phrase or guess the rhyming word.

Mostly - remember that for a child, having fun and learning is their most important work! It's easy to have fun when you know that your child is learning and growing.

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