Technology has expanded so much and is such a huge part of our every day lives, but it can sometimes be hard to navigate. If you're looking for safe, helpful apps to help your children work on social skills, one of our SLPs has some suggestions for you!


Conversation Builder This app provides visual pictures and associated “conversations”. It allows the student to pick (from a field of choices) the best/most appropriate comment/question, record their response and then play the entire conversation back.  Great for targeting turn-taking and topic maintenance in conversations.


Conversation Builder Teen (19.99) Same as above except for scenarios appropriate for teens.


Model Me Going Places 2 (FREE) provides 6 situations (i.e. haircut, mall, doctor, playground, grocery store, and restaurant) and then provides a social story to navigate those situations.


Quick Cues (FREE)  This app provides a list of scenarios such as “asking for help from a teacher”, “changing topics”, and/or “conversation starters”. Once in a specific scenario the app will provide a series of written cues/suggestions to navigate the situation.


Autism Emotions (FREE) Provides 4 emotions (happy, sad, proud, and calm) and a social story modeling that emotion.


Social Story Creator and Library (Free with in-app purchases) Provides social stories on a variety of topics, behaviors, feelings.


Conversation Starters (FREE) Provides 10 free conversation starters with option to purchase 200+ more. Great for targeting topic maintenance and turn-taking.



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