Can you believe it's summer time already? Here are some of our favorite safety tips for this time of year!

At the Pool

Remember that the lifeguards aren't babysitters. They're scanning the pool, not keeping an eye on your child specifically the whole time they're in the water. They can be on top of dangerous situations, but not every situation that rises, immediately as it happens. 

Always know where your kids are - first and foremost, they are your responsibility, whether a lifeguard is present or not!

If your child is non-verbal, make sure they have something on them that identifies them and has your contact information. A bracelet or a necklace will do the trick.

Swimming lessons are worth their weight in gold! It provides your child with fun and you with peace of mind that they've been taught how to swim properly by someone with professional training. It'll give them more confidence in the pool, and you while you relax beside it.

Click here to watch a video on water safety for children with special needs by!

At the Park

Everyone knows the basic safety tips at the playground: wear sunscreen, bring water, avoid strangers, but there may be a few tips you haven't thought of.

Make sure your kids are dressed properly. For example, if your little girl is wearing a long skirt, it may get caught in a swing or a merry-go-round, limiting what she can play on. T-shirts and shorts are best for play!

Children should always be playing on developmentally appropriate equipment. Look for playgrounds with separate equipment for young children (2-5) and school aged children (6-12). If your child is unable to play on the equipment, bring toys that they enjoy so they can have fun, as well!

Do a quick safety check. You'll feel like an overprotective parent, but if something on the playground is broken, that could be disaster for all the kids their. A short inspection is all it takes to notice that something is definitely amiss.

Beat the Heat

If you can, schedule your outdoor activities for the mornings or the evenings to avoid that intense midday heat. Make sure every time you're outside, your child is protected with at least SPF 15 sunscreen that also has UVA and UVB protection!

Bugs are also a huge problem when you're out in the sun! Tics and mosquitoes carry lots of nasty diseases including lyme disease, so make sure you're bug spray is the most effective on the market. You can use insecticides in your backyard, and you can check with local health and agriculture officials first to find out the best time of year to apply these. Once that's done, you can let your munchkins run wild in the grass with less worry!

If you ever have questions about safety tips for your little ones with special needs, you can always ask your therapist for tips!

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