Do you have big dreams for a sensory room extravaganza, but your house or apartment is too small? No fears, because here is a list of how you can turn any small space into a sensory-friendly space!

Ball pits are great for proprioceptive input, but you don’t need a fancy ball pit. Simply add some balls to an empty bathtub, laundry basket, or playpen.

Think you don’t have room for a swing? Try this swing kit that hooks to almost any door frame, making it a great alternative for small spaces.

Don’t have room to store a massive crash pad. Try making one that can easily be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. Fill a duvet cover with old blankets, towels, pillows, comforters and zip it closed. When finished, unzip and put everything back in its place.

Create a DIY light table using Christmas lights in a clear storage container. Use tracing paper on the inside of the storage container to dim the lighting. The kids will love this one!

Weighted blankets can be cumbersome in a small space like a car. Instead, try making a weighted lap sock using a tube sock filled with rice or beans and tie the end. Or add some bean bags to a stuffed animal to turn it into a weighted stuff friend that can fit in your lap.

Recycle water bottles by making calm down bottles with water, baby oil, some glitter, and food coloring for an organizing visual input.

Don’t have a large yard for a big trampoline. Buy a mini trampoline for heavy work and movement and hours of fun. Plus, they might wear themselves out for bed time.

Hand fidgets are small and can be taken anywhere! Fill a balloon with flour to create a fun squishy hand fidget that provides a release of movement when your body needs to stay still such as during a long car ride.

Need to spin in your small space? Use a sit and spin toy or an office chair to achieve rotational vestibular movement for your little one without worry they will bump into a wall.

Last but not least: sensory bins! There are thousands of different ways you can turn a storage container into a sensory bin. Add some rice, beans, sand, water, shaving cream, or uncooked macaroni noodle. Then find something to add inside such as puzzle pieces, plastic animals, beads for stringing, etc.

The ideas and hours of fun are endless!

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