Do you ever have trouble getting your kids to complete their physical therapy exercises at home? With Christmas  right around the corner here is a list with some great games that will distract your child all while completing physical activities to improve motor delay and encourage more fun activities with parents and siblings that won’t break the bank.

1. Jenga- this game is great when it’s played on a table….but have you tried putting the game on a piece of cardboard and passing it around? To be even more creative you can stand on one leg while playing!

2. The floor is Lava game-  This game is great physical activity! It helps to promote jumping, stretches, and standing on one foot without knowing your completing your homework for the week.

3. Twister- This is an oldie but a goodie! This game helps to promote big reaching with arms and legs, yoga poses, and improve strength.

4. Bounce Battle- This game can help with throwing over and under hand while aiming for a target.

5. Don’t step in it!- This game helps with balancing with eyes closed and helps improve ankle strength while avoiding “the poop”.  

Hopefully these ideas will help on the perfect present to give your kiddos for Christmas! If you do end up purchasing any of these games we would love to see it on Instagram, please tag us @jonestherapyservices or tag us on Facebook!

Ashley Washam, PTA 

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