Need a few ideas for some Christmas presents that can also support your child’s physical therapy?  Here’s a list of lower cost items from one of our pediatric therapists. Feel free to pass it on to Santa!

  1. Jump rope, to improve agility and coordination, and leg strength.

  2. Hula hoop, to improve core strength when hooping around the waist, or put it on the floor for agility and jumping drills! You can also improve visual-motor coordination rolling and chasing it with a stick.  

  3. Yoga ball, to improve and address core strengthening, protective reactions, seated balance, and flexibility.  

  4. Mini-trampoline (with a bar for safety), to improve jumping ability with improved foot clearance, lower extremity strength, and muscular endurance.

  5. Soccer ball, to improve visual-motor coordination, balance, stamina, and leg strength.

  6. Velcro ball and catch game, to improve hand-eye coordination, crossing midline, and balance, increase challenge by standing on a pillow while playing.

  7. Tricycle/ Bicycle, to improve bilateral coordination, leg strengthening, balance, and core strengthening (moreso on a bicycle).

  8. Scooter board, to improve leg strength and coordination, core strength, and/or upper body strength depending on how you use it, sitting or laying on your stomach!

  9. Balance track board:  Improve balance and motor planning while standing on this balance board and controlling a ball through a maze on the center of the board.  

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