Below is a list of some of my favorite apps to use in Speech Therapy! I've found not only are these apps great for targeting specific areas my kids need to work on, but they're also just so much fun.

Mr. Potato Head. This app targets body parts, following directions, and answering “wh” questions. It's always so much fun and a massive hit with the kids! You get to build potato head and dress him up in many different costumes, and then take him to interactive places.

Sound Touch. This app targets vocabulary, which I love. It shows cartoon drawings of various categories including animals, vehicles, weather, etc. When you touch the cartoon drawing it pulls up a big real-life picture and makes the corresponding sound. So awesome for learning!

Peek-A- Boo-Barn. This targets making predictions about animals. The barn makes an animal noise and the animal appears when you open the barn. Bonus: you can change languages and target Spanish vocabulary as well!

Guess the Person. This one targets asking questions and finding differences. This is basically a glorified version of the board game Guess Who, and my kiddos really enjoy it.

Toddler Jukebox. This one targets finger-play and repetition. This is a great app for childrens' songs. I like to pause it in the middle and have a child fill in the blanks of the words for some extra fun!

Goatella Big Button. It targets early cause and effect. This is a giant button on the iPad that you can push and it plays classical music and really cool pictures. You can also customize the music or pictures, even put a video of the child on it.

Splingo Pronouns. This app targets pronouns. There are fun games to help learn all pronouns. You can also customize it to target one specific pronoun, or just “he” and “she”. Whatever works best for you kid!

Guess the Animal. This game targets asking questions and finding differences. It's pretty similar to Guess Who, just with animals.

Bugs and Buttons. This targets fine motor skills, patterns, sorting, counting, and FUN! Bugs and buttons also has a ton of mini games inside. It is a lot of fun!

I Can Do Categories. This targets categories and sorting, and has different levels. You can identify from a field of 2, 3, or 4, also identify negatives.

These are just a few of the apps that I use in my therapy room that I think would be great for using at home, as well! Happy Playing!

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