Looking for some fun, friendly activities for your little one this Valentine holiday? Look no further!

Give slime a chance this Valentine's Day! Here is an easy recipe to help you make your own. It's wonderful for kiddos with sensory difficulties.

Take an old shoe box and decorate with hearts, flowers, superheroes, ninja turtles... whatever your little one is into! Then, when it comes time to take Valentines to school or to friends and family, they have a fun delivery box that they made themselves. 

Are you working on following directions? Candy hearts are a great tool to use! For example, set a bowl of candy hearts in front of your little one, and instruct them to pick just one, put two back, give one to me, find one of this color, etc. This targets quantitate concepts and following directors. Parents could even correlate each directors to a number on a dice and have children roll the dice to see what instruction they get - there are no rules or limits!

Read some themed books! We recommend Max's Valentine for practicing sounds and language structures, The Giant Hug for re-telling and creativity, and Won't You Be My Kissaroo language discussion with older children (you can use this book to talk about adjectives, for example). 

We hope these ideas provide some fun and learning for your family on this fun holiday!

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