When I’m looking for great apps for late talkers, I have three criteria: picture quality (real pictures are better than cartoon images for learning), sound/music, and simplicity. The app store can be overwhelming with all the great options that you have right there at your fingertips. This list is by no means exhaustive, it's just 10 of my favorite apps (in no particular order) that encourage expressive language!

1. Sound Touch

2. Sound Touch 2

3. Music Color

4. Video Touch ($2.99 each: different categories-birds, vehicles, music instruments, bugs)

Sound Touch, Sound Touch 2, and Music Color can be purchased as a bundle for $11.99 or sold separately. All of the Sound/Video Touch apps are great for new talkers. The screen shows cartoon images of animals, vehicles, household objects, etc. When the cartoon image is clicked, a real photograph or video with sound pulls up. I use the sound touch apps a lot in therapy! The real photographs are great for labeling and due to its simplicity a child of virtually any age or skill level can operate it.

5. I See Ewe ($0.99)

Options to “match” or to “learn”. Objects, colors, animals, shapes, and random categories available. “Learn” mode is a “find the ______” prompt with four picture options to select from. “Match” mode is memory match game. German, English, Spanish, and Chinese languages available with modes to change card size.

6. I Hear Ewe-Animal Sounds (Free)

This app uses cartoon images with three category pages (two animals and one vehicle). Each page has “picture cards” that you click and then the sound of that animal/machine is produced.

7. My First 1,000 words ($2.99):

This has a TON of different categories and subcategories, all using REAL picture flashcards (i.e. food, vehicles, gardening, camping, body parts, animals, etc.). You also have the ability to upload personal pictures for customization. This is hands down the best flashcard app I’ve seen with the most comprehensive vocabulary and can be used for children learning first words as well as older children for increased vocabulary.

8. Furry Friend (Free)

A little blue monster named Lenord is the star of this app. He will repeat what you say and he is full of silly sounds! You can make him pop bubbles, blow a pinwheel, drink a milkshake, etc. It's a great app for sound play with early developmental sounds: w, b, m, p (boo!, pop!, mmm, etc.). Encourage your little one to be silly with Lenord!

9. Make a Scene: Farmyard (Free)

This app uses cartoon images that you can click/drag to create your own farm! It has several great landscape choices and a ton of animals, tractors, people, vegetables, and tools. Each object is labeled as it is moved to the picture with sounds incorporated. My patients love this app…and it's free!

10. Peek-a-boo Barn ($1.99)

Animal sounds! Animal Sounds! And more animal sounds! I love animal sounds for new talkers and this app is perfect for just that. This app uses cartoon images and is very simple to operate. You/or your child press the barn and the doors open with a different animal behind them each time.

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