What is Crossing Midline?

Midline is an invisible line drawn in the middle of your body running from your head to your toes. Any time you cross this invisible line with your arms or legs, you are crossing midline.

Why is Crossing Midline Important?

Crossing midline is an important part of development for a child that is learned starting in infancy. Crossing midline activates both the right and left side of our brains to work together and make neural connections. Crossing midline is needed for reading, writing, dressing, feeding, and many important school and play activities. If your child has difficulty crossing midline, it will greatly effect these areas.

What does it look like if your child is having trouble crossing midline?

Your child will switch hands to color using right hand to color the right side of the page and left hand to color the left side of the page instead of using one dominant hand to color the entire page without switching.

They may compensate and use their whole body to turn toward desired object instead of reaching for toy across midline.

Fun ways to cross midline!

  • Shaving cream fun: Have child spread shaving cream over a table and draw in it, encourage spreading with just one hand.
  • Create a path for cars in the shape of a figure 8. Have kids drive the car on the figure 8 or trace it with their finger. Encourage driving car with just one hand.
  • Dance to music: Incorporate the windmill (touching right hand to left toe, vice versa), cross crawl (right elbow to left knew, vice versa), shoulder to shoulder (right hand to left shoulder, vice versa)
  • Hand clapping games with a partner: remember these from your childhood! Have fun making up your own hand shake or look up some fun ones on Youtube. Stand in front of your partner face to face. Clap your hands together by crossing midline and alternating hands (right hand to partner’s right hand, vice versa)
  • Color/paint extravaganza: Tape a large piece of paper to your wall and have them color or paint the whole picture! Take it outside and have the color the drive way. Encourage use of just one hand to color both right and left sides.

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