There are a million fun activites to do around Christmas time! Here are some really fun ones that also promote learning.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

What do we learn from it? Following simple directions, size concepts, colors, and shapes.

Materials: Three white paper circles (big, medium, small,), two small googly eyes, three buttons, small paper triangle (nose), glue, and marker        (mouth, arms).

Directions: This fun craft can be done many different ways. You can focus on one learning concept or several! Have your kiddo build their snowman by following your simple directions, or by requesting different materials to build with! Help them draw on the mouth and arms!

Pin The Candy On The Gingerbread Man!

What do we learn from it? Basic body parts, turn taking, and group cooperation.

Materials: Large paper gingerbread man silhouette, paper eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, and "icing".

Directions: This game can be played with a blindfold or without, it's totally up to you! Give each kiddo a piece of the gingerbread man and have all the kiddos/parents help guide the player to the gingerbread man and place it in the correct spot. Once all the players have gone, let all the players work together to fix any parts of the gingerbread man that aren't quite right!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

What do we learn from it? Christmas vocabulary, and following simple directions.

Materials: Cut out pictures of various Christmas items, toys, and foods, simple clues/directions for finding the items.

Directions: Hide the pictures of your Christmas items around your home in fairly visible areas. Read the clues to the players and help guide them to the hidden pictures. Once they've found a picture, see if they can name it! Then it's time for the next clue!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

What do we learn from it? Fine motor skills, and sensory play.

Materials: paper plate, kids washable paint or finger paint, glue, pom-poms.

Directions: Have the plates already folded in a cone shape and glued together so that it resembles a Christmas tree. Let the kids paint their trees using brushes or their hands depending on the age and skill level. Once the paint has dried, guide them in gluing pom-poms on their tree!

Jingle Bell Toss

What do we learn from it? Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and turn-taking.

Materials: plastic cups, cookie sheet, jingle bells separated.

Directions: Place the cookie sheet at a slight angle and place the plastic cups in a triangle. Let the kiddos take turns tossing their jingle bells into the cups!

Have fun!

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