Here are some activities and ideas to keep your 1-year-old occupied during a plane ride. There are lots of great ideas posted for toddlers. However, finding ones appropriate for a 15-month-old ( or younger) was harder to come by so we have compiled them for you! Don’t forget it’s also okay and a good thing to not have every second of the trip planned! Taking walks around the airport, looking out the window, and checking out shops are interesting and exciting for your little one as well and count as great moments of free play! 

  1. Pull back cars/trucks- Grab a pack of these at your local dollar store. Perfect to use at the gate area if you arrive early to get some wiggles out. Plus, if you lose them, they aren’t your kiddo’s favorite one from home! 

  2. Snacks— We all like food! Pick some with varying flavors but ones you know are preferred.

  3. Window clings- You can find these at the local dollar store as well. Purchase 1 for each leg of the trip, and then throw away when the flight attendant comes around to collect trash. They are also great to use in the hotel to keep them occupied so you can get ready. 

  4. Books with textures, pop-ups, etc- Books such as ‘Never touch a Spider!” are great ones!

  5. Straws in puffs container- Drill a hole in a puffs container and cut straws into 2 or 3 pieces and let your child put in the container. Open and empty and let them start over! Easy to wash as well!

  6. Magnets + metal lunch box- Magnets are also a great fine motor activity. The metal lunch box is the perfect storage space. 

  7. Crayon + paper/pen + paper- Self-explanatory but cover the tray with paper and let them go! Take turns scribbling!

  8. Painter’s tape—Wonder what TSA is thinking when they see this go through? Tape over objects and let them pull it off. 

  9. ‘Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog’- Your child puts the pegs into his back and you can store the pieces in him as well for easy cleanup.

  10. Whirley Squigz- These are similar to the regular Squigz but these spin! Attach most solid surfaces, including windows, airplane trays, books, and even tubs once you arrive at your destination to keep them occupied and need distractions to get ready. 

  11. Dimpl Toy- Colorful push and pop toy that is perfect for little fingers. Plus, it’s easily cleaned!

  12. Tablets- Eventually the device is coming out! Save if for the end if you can (or not if you need a break already and that’s okay! Travel days can be stressful with routine changes.) Typically, once they have watched screen time their attention may be shorter so they might be less interested in other activities. Try limiting whatever they may watch on the airplane a day or two before you travel to up the excitement. 

  13. Bubbles- Try finding a mini pack of bubbles (like those you might get for a party favor) to distract your little one while the other parent is getting the rental car or to get extra wiggles out once you land! 

Most importantly, have fun! You can plan a lot and your child may be over it! Just know that as stressed as you are, others probably are not getting as upset as you may think. Pat yourself on the back and remind yourself about the Rockstar parent you are! HAPPY AND SAFE TRAVEL FROM US AT JTS!

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