All the pumpkins are out, and I have a pumpkin spiced latte in my hand as I type this, so it is officially Fall! I get asked often for some ideas on what fun games parents can try at home with their toddler to promote language learning. My favorite way to learn is through playin,m and I am sure your toddler will feel the same way! A few of my favorite fall activities to do in the fall are listed below:

  • Make a leaf pile! We can talk about how BIG the leaf pile is, and which one is bigger or smaller? Which one has more brown leaves, and which one has more red? Use as many words to compare as you can!
  • Make s'mores! You can talk about all the yummy ingredients you need to make a s’more. What do you do first? What do you do next?  Is the marshmallow going to be soft or hard? How about the graham cracker, is it sticky? Look, you are “roasting in the fire”, “it’s melting.” So much vocabulary can be targeted throughout this activity - and it's delicious, too.
  • Visit a corn maze! Take turns giving directions with your child and try using different directional words (straight, turn, backwards).
  • Go pumpkin picking! You could talk about all the differences of each pumpkin. This one is tall, short, skinny, bumpy, round, big, small, heavy, white, green, orange, and white. There are endless possibilities here, because every pumpkin patch is different and has other fun activities, as well.
  • Try a hay ride! This is a great place to talk about preposition words (over, near, by, under, etc), and different textues. How does the hay feel?
  • Set up a nature walk or scavenger hunt! Go on a walk and see what you can find - I bet it'll be plenty! You can talk about leaves, pumpkins, apples, hay, acorns, and a million other things you'll come across!

Hope y’all have so much fun this fall and remember: you can learn and communicate anywhere!

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