Taking your kids with sensory issues to the beach can be an ordeal. Here are a few things you can try at home prior to your trip to make it easier on them!

  • To prep your kiddo for the beach, spend as much time in the sand box with as much skin-to-skin contact and messy play as possible!
  • Start practicing sunscreen and water/sand bucket combination textures.
  • When at the beach, take a HUGE sheet to lay out, then your beach towels to go on top - this aids in creating more of a barrier if they need to escape the continual input of the texture.
  • Even a child tent/baby blow up pool might be a good tool for letting your child retreat while you’re there on the beach.
  • Take a spray bottle or small tub so they’re able to continually wash the sand off their hands if needed.

You can always consult with your therapist before a big trip and ask what you can do to make it easier, so it's fun for the whole family!

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