Recently, we published a blog all about why your children should be active daily. If you're having a little trouble getting your child to participate in all of the physical activity they need daily - maybe turn to something they enjoy, like technology!

Below are some apps that as a Physical Therapist, I would recommend trying to help your young ones get to about 60 minutes a day of fun physical activity.

NFL Play 60

You run, jump and play 60! Can you run fast? Jump high? Turn quick? This one is guaranteed to get him/her up and going!

GoNoodle Kids

Not only does it get you up and  moving - but it gets you listening to fun, crazy new songs. 

Sworkit Kids

This app turns fitness into a gram with your children. It has customizable workouts for strength, agility and flexibility.


The best part about all of these apps? They're free! What are you waiting for?

Hannah Wells


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