If your child is starting to attempt to sit by himself, you will quickly learn that he is wobbly and will often topple over. Here are a few different options that will provide some support to your child as he is learning to sit by himself.

Boppy Pillow

Place the boppy pillow around your child’s waist. The boppy pillow will provide some support at the waist and if he topples over, it will provide a soft cushion for landing.

Laundry Basket

Place a laundry basket against the wall and sit your child in the corner of the basket. This will provide some trunk support as your child is able to lean against the basket while engaging his hands in play.

Arm Support

Place your child’s arms beside his legs on the floor. This will allow your child to use his arms for support instead of completely relying on his trunk to stay upright.


Place your child in the corner of the couch. This will allow him to lean back to support his trunk while he is playing with toys.


Sit in a v-shape with your legs out straight and place your child in sitting position snug against your body. Use your hands to support them above the hip bones if necessary.

It is important to always stay close to your child when they are in learning to sit independently as they will often fall backwards or forwards and may hit their head on the surface. Please don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions about your child learning to sit!

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