1. Use leaves from outside

    • Sort them by color, size, shape- discuss similarities and differences

    • Paint, stamp, or trace them

    • Make a pile and jump in them and talk about those action verbs (i.e., jumping, raking, falling)

    • Add silly faces and body parts to them and make up a story or comic

  2. Check out books from the library

    • Check books out prior to upcoming fall events so your children has early exposure to any vocabulary. This is also a great opportunity to introduce any social stories to prepare for upcoming events. 

  3. Print off a scavenger hunt (link included)

    • Try finding real items or pictures of the things on the list. You can do this at a store, your neighborhood or pumpkin patch! Leave one in your car so your children can look for things on a drive. 

  4. Use a pumpkin and decorate different ways

    • Try using Potato Head pieces so you can change it up frequently

    • Use paint and make different designs

    • Do a decorating contest and see who can make the best design

  5. Sensory boxes

    • There all kinds of awesome options to add to a fall box (i.e., hay, pumpkins, leaves, acorns, berries, squash, scarecrows, candy, etc!) 



Scavenger Hunt 1

Scavenger Hunt 2

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