The best thing you can do if you or your child are in physical therapy, is do a little bit extra at home. Great work is done in our clinics, but wonderful work is done at home, too! Here are some tools you can keep in your home. Consult with your therapist on what is best for you, and how to use these safely.

Yoga Ball

A yoga ball is great for strengthening the core and addressing postural stability from a dynamic surface. You can find them at Target, Walmart, or off Amazon!

Standing Play Table

For a young child, a play table encourages pulling to stand, transitioning from standing to sitting, standing balance, and cruising along the surface. Ask your therapist to demonstrate this during your next session.

Jump Rope

Jump Ropes are a basic tool that can be used to address leg strengthening as well as motor planning and coordination of arms with legs. They even carry them at the Dollar Store!


A medium sized ball can be used for kicking, rolling, throwing, or catching. Not only is this a fun activity to improve motor skills and strength, but it's fun for multiple family members - and you probably already have one!

Seated push toy or tricycle

A seated push toy or tricycle (depending on the age of your child) will help your child develop core stability, lower extremity strength, as well as reciprocal movement of the legs.


Your therapist will definitely have more ideas of activities you an try at home - always ask them for suggestions!

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