Pop the Pig


A great game for children of all ages. Simple rules… you feed the pig hamburgers until his belly gets so big it pops! I’ve targeted colors, numbers, counting, action words like (push and eat), and descriptive words (big, hard, full, hungry).




A favorite of my older speech therapy patients. We use it for reinforcement during articulation drill and also to target descriptive words: (tall, short, wobbly, etc.) as well as turn taking and appropriate social skills during game play.


Chutes and Ladders


This is a great language game! The game board has pictures of boys and girls doing different activities (i.e. ice skating, planting flowers, etc.) I use it for understanding/labeling action words, pronouns, and using sentences. Example: She is planting flowers. Additionally, this game depicts children breaking rules and following rules, so it is great for social skills.


Pop up Pirate


During this game you place colored swords into a barrel and one spot will make the pirate go “POP!” This game always brings joyful shrieks and laughs. I use it for articulation reinforcement during drill and targeting spatial concept words such as in/out and top/bottom as well as requesting (i.e. I want yellow sword)


Memory Match


Memory match comes in all shapes and sizes. From favorite Disney movies to Emojis there are endless memory match games available. Not only will you target memory, but also I use it for turn taking, understanding/using plurals (I found two cats), general vocabulary knowledge, and understanding same/different.


Game night is a great way to spend time together with your child away from technology. Not only will your child be learning and working on language skills, but also having fun!



Jan E. Ferguson, M.S. CCC-SLP

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

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