When winter weather hits, so does cabin fever from being stuck inside all day - and with kids, you may struggle to keep them entertained! We’d want to help. Check out these five fun activities to try with your kiddos so no one goes insane this winter!

Frozen Tag:

We all have heard and played "freeze tag," but have you ever played "frozen tag?" Frozen tag is a version of freeze tag, except it's played in the snow! Whenever you are tagged by whomever is "it," you have to freeze and not move. Once a partner unfreezes you, you are able to run again! Running in the snow is a little more difficult and can burn off some excess energy!

Frozen Bubbles:

When the temperature drops below 32 degrees, pull out the bubble makers and  wands. Let your bubble solution cool prior to the activity. Your kids will have a blast watching their bubbles freeze as they blow and catch them! Everyone loves bubbles plus it's a mini-science experiment as well!

River Rock Jump:

Using paper, cut out shapes using different colored paper to use as "rocks" and tape them in the shape of a river to jump across. You may even want to place a favorite toy for your kiddo to "rescue" on the other side. Have someone call out the shapes plus the color to jump onto next. Not only will they work on gross motor skills, like jumping, it will also target following directions. You could also substitute the shapes with letters, pictures of objects, math problems, etc to target letter identification, vocabulary, or any other skill that needs a little more practice!

Talent Show:

Give your children some time to put together an act for a talent show, including costumes!

Shaving Cream Art:

Go grab Dad's shaving cream, spray on a pan or baking shirt, and let them play! You could even add some food coloring to make it even more interesting. Try adding beads or cars to make it even more fun (whatever you have around the house). We recommend keeping a towel or old shirt nearby to help with the clean up!


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