Sometimes, sensory issues can be hard to spot. Your child may seem fine sometimes and fussier than normal others, or you may just accept it as behaviors they'll grow out of on their own instead of something they may need to see a therapist for. Below is a list of issues that may signal your child is having sensory problems:

  • Oversensitive to touch, noises, smells, etc. 
  • Unaware of pain and/or surroundings and people
  • Easily distracted, fidgety, craves movement, always 'on the go'
  • Easily overwhelmed/poor self esteem/afraid of trying new tasks
  • Frequent or long temper tantrums/sudden mood changes; aggressive, impulsive
  • Clumsy; poor motor skills; weak
  • Difficulty with transitions/changes in routine
  • Eats a very limited amount of foods/very picky eater
  • Difficulty dressing (irritability with wearing certain types of clothing), eating, sleeping, and/or toilet training
  • Gets lost easily in familiar environments (school, playground)

If you suspect your child is having sensory issues, please reach out to your doctor or therapist. We would be happy to schedule a consultation!

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