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Games That Target Fine Motor Skills

Scrabble with velcro

We love it when we can help parents and caregivers find games and activities that can be used to carryover goals at home.  Sometimes with a little modification, a game can target something you wouldn’t have thought of. Here are some common games that you can find online or at a local store that work [...]

Our Favorite Valentine’s Books

Vday books

  We absolutely love using books in our treatment sessions!  Using thematic books help to grow receptive and expressive vocabulary skills.  Here is a list of some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Books.     Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! Amazon Link:   The Night Before Valentine’s Day Amazon Link: Guess How Much I [...]

Toe Walking – When is it Normal?

What is toe walking? Toe walking in kids can be described as when children either walk on their tip toes or they don’t hit the ground with their heel first. It is common for toddlers to walk on the balls of their feet (or their toes) from time to time.  It is considered appropriate until [...]

Knowing the Signs of Communication Disorders


    Knowing the Signs of Communication Disorders   Every parent wants to feel they have set their child up for the best possible success in the classroom and in life. When left undiagnosed and untreated, speech and language disorders can have lasting effects on an individuals’s academic success, career, and self-esteem. Early detection of [...]